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From: Jan
Subject: Ghost Hunting in Derby (Adult Friends F/F)Warning:This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of
explicit sexual acts of between women. If this type of content
offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it.Author's Note:This story is the property of the author. It can be downloaded for
personal reading pleasure or sending to illagal pedo porno a friend, but if you wish to
repost them at your own site, please contact the author for permission.Copyright 2002 Jan. All Rights Reserved.Please mail to: janmay699icqmail.com if you pedo photos teen
suggestions for future chapters.
Ghost Hunting in Derby
My name is Wendy and I live in the city of Derby,
Derbyshire, England. I live on Sadler Gate in a nice old
brick apartment. I work as an accountant in a bank. So I
am expected to dress conservatively at all times. That is
fine with me because that allows me to indulge my fetish
and pedo heaven
no one at work knows just how kinky I am. I am about five-foot six-inch tall, dishwater blonde
hair, round glasses that ride down my nose, hiding my pale
blue eyes. My hair is cut is what was called a Dorothy
Hamel cut some years ago. OK! I'm over weight a little so
my thighs are a little thick. When I go to work I dress in
practical sexy kids pedo fuck
panties. I don't bother with a brassier at all.
Then I put on a simple white slip, comfortable stocking with
shoes with sturdy heels. Then I put on a blouse that
requires some sot of scarf that I use as a tie. Then I put on
one of several pin striped blue or gray skirts with matching
jacket. This costume adds to sex extreem pedo incest my business like appearance
of my 54-years of age. I know I sound very normal. My outward business
appearance hides two things about my private life: First I
have a hair fetish. I don't have noticeable body hair any
place but under my arms and on my pubis. I have dark
brown hair there. I never shave under my arm or between
my legs. I could never show myself on a beach in a bathing
costume because the hair is so thick and starts in the folds
between my legs and my body. The hair is course thick and
even rings my anus. Secondly I am a lesbian. I don't flaunt
it but I free pedoporn movie org do discourage any male from asking for a date. I learned a long time ago to not flirt with the women I
work with because that leads to trouble. I just let
management think I am a dedicated spinster that lives for
my work. This adventure all started one night when I went to
Standing Order pub. That is a fitting place for a bank
employee to drink. It was the national Westminster Bank
until 1996 when the old building was turned into a pub. I was sitting in a wooden booth drinking a glass of
larger when a group of tourists came in. This blonde haired
woman caught my eye. She was only five-foot one-inches
tall. She bought a glass of larger and stood there looking
like she didn't know what to do next. Her eyes caught mine
and I held up my glass and gave her a look then at the seat
next to me in the booth. She came over and smiled at me and asked, "May I sit
next to you?" I said, "I have been waiting for you all night!" She smiled and sat next to me and said, "This is my
first trip to England." I offered her my hand, "My name is Wendy." She took my hand and squeezed it as she announced
that, "My name was Jan." I asked, "Where porno pedo kids are you teeny porn pedolola
from then!" She said, "I am from pictures free pedofilia
western Canada." That made me curious why she was in Derby. She
told me that she was with a tour that included a trip here to
look for the ghost's of Bonnie Prince Charles and Mary
Queen of Scots among others. This intrigued me I wanted to know if she believed in
ghosts. She chuckled and said there are many things that
can't be explained with smoke, glass and mirrors. We laughed at that and we chatted for a couple of
hours. The tour group was drifting out on their way back
to the inn they were staying in. I just had the animal attraction to her. Her hair was
lighter colored than mine. Her glasses were much like
mine. She could have been my older sister even if she was
shorter than little pedo jpg me. She was dressed like a tourist. Everything
wash and wear, sweater, jeans, walking shoes in leather and
a bag as big as a pack for message board pedo her personal stuff. She pictures free pedofilia even had a
wind breaker in the bag in case it got to cold. While we were talking I put my hand on her free pedo illegal video inner
thigh and squeezed it a little. When Jan closed her legs I
thought I had made a mistake in reveling that I was
interested in her sexually. But when I tried to remove my
hand she held it tightly between her legs and smiled at me. I whispered in her ear, "Do you want to come home
with me tonight?" Jan said, "Lead the way Honey." We gathered up our stuff and I led her out the door.
It was just a short walk around the corner to my place. As
we walked home I slipped my hand into her back pocket of
her jeans and gave her rear end a gentle squeeze and
nuzzled the nap of her neck. When we got to my place and I had turned on the
lights. I kissed her on the mouth and asked if she wanted
tea. Jan returned the kiss and asked if she could help. I put
milk and sugar in my cup as Jan just put sugar in her cup. I offered her a scone and we nibbled on them as we
drank our tea. I found out so much about her. Her family
and that she was a 62-year old widow. When we finished our tea I wanted to make love to
her even more. I put my finger under her chin and my
thumb on top of her shin as I leaned over and kissed her on
the mouth. Jan returned my kiss and even put her tongue
in my mouth. I guess it was a tie as to who put their hand
on the others breast first. I undressed Jan as she undressed me. She
unbuttoned my jacket. The one I had on tonight was
buttoned up and I had on a long silk teal blue scarf that was
tucked into photos pedofilia the front of the jacket. So when she unbuttoned
it and pulled it off my shoulders I was nude to the waist,
except for a single strand of black pearls around my neck.
Jan saw that my under arms were not shaved and ran her
fingers through the hair. She smelt her fingers. Then
kissed me on my under arms. I pulled pussy large pedo her sweater over her head and then fluffed
her hair back into place with my fingers. She had on this
floral patterned bra in a pinkish-mauve color. I had to feel
these big breasts that were all of a DD-cup. I squeezed them
gently as Jan let out a moan. I unhooked the bra by
reaching around her back and smelled her shampoo. When
her breasts were free I kissed her pink nipples. Next I unbuckled the silver buckle on her belt and
tugged on the buttons as the popped open one at a time.
With her pants open I saw her panties that matched her
bra. I stood up and pulled her to her feet. As she stood up
her tight pants opened and slipped down her thighs. I put
my fingers in the waistband of her panties and pushed them
down to reveal that her pubic hair was as blonde as the hair
on her head but it was sparse so that you could see her cunt
plainly. Jan stepped out of her pants and underpants one leg
at a time. She took off her walking shoes after sitting down
and put her socks into her shoes as top 69 pedo she sat them aside. Jan sat there on the couch to remove terra sex pedo my skirt. As it
fell to the floor I stepped out of my shoes. Then Jan took
hold under the waistband of my panties and rolled them
down. I saw the look on her face as my pubic hair came
into view. I don't think she had cute pedo galls ever seen a woman with as
much chldren porn illegal pedo hair before. Jan ran her fingers through it to see how long the hair
was. It was damp with my pee and smelled a little salty too.
Jan ran her finger between my legs and found my hairy
asshole. She leaned forward and kissed my cunt. Her
tongue sought out my clitoris and flipped it until I was
doing a little nervous dance in front of her. I asked her if she wanted to do it in the bedroom pedo lola
Jan simple got up and took my hand as I led the way. It
was a case of just who was going to be the dominant party
in this act. We had to settle on letting one pedofilia movie downloads perform an oral
act and the other did something like that with her mouth. We took turns sucking each other's pussy until we
climaxed. But I took charge and turned around on top of
her and straddled her pedo stories pics head to lower my face to her cunt as I
lowered my cunt to her mouth. Jan was in a position to
look up between pedo gilr
the pedoworld real crack of my ass. She put her fingers in
my cunt as she licked me. Then she probed my anus with
her fingers. Her fingers and tongue were going in and out
of both holes at the same pace. I pussy large pedo
sought out her rosebud
with my fingers and started doing the same thing to her.
We climaxed and I rested my face on her mound until we
moved so we could slowly play with each others body all
night. In the morning Jan insisted on making me a
Canadian breakfast of ham and eggs with gravy and white
toast. She said she was so hungry from last night that she
needed it to get her motor running again. nubile teens pedo She made black
coffee to go with it. She said I could use milk and sugar
with coffee as she chuckled. I called in sick for work and went Ghost hunting with
Jan that day just so I could spend another night of sucking
her illegal 13yo pussy pedo pussy.
I hope you enjoyed the story and want more. Please send your
mail to: janmay699icqmail.com.
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